Create your own 3 pack jam box. Perfect customized gift shipped right to yourself, or someone else!


• Press Play Cabernet

This medium-bodied, smooth Cabernet Sauvignon has vibrant notes of blackberry fruit, a hint of toasty oak, and a lingering finish.

• Shoreway Chardonnay

This medium-bodied, round Chardonnay has aromas of green apple and pineapple, a touch of oak and a smooth finish.

• Rock & Roll Merlot

This medium-bodied, soft Merlot has a captivating nose of blackberries and ripe plum, complemented by a satisfying finish.

• Soldiers and Sailors Shiraz

This full-bodied, smooth Shiraz has ripe blackberry aromas, black pepper notes and a bold, long finish.

• Dynamite White Zinfandel

This refreshing, fruit forward White Zinfandel has aromas of ripe strawberries and raspberries with the perfect touch of sweetness.

• Great Lakes Brewing Co. Elliot Ness Fig Apple Jam

This untouchably smooth Amber Lager pairs excellent with fresh figs and apples. Creating the perfect addition to any sandwich or spread.

• Great Lakes Brewing Co. Burning River Pepper Jam

This crisp hoppy Pale Ale, infused with four types of peppers and carrots, gives you a sweet heat flavor to kick up your next dish!


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